Ayurvedic Me


"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are..." (Chinese Proverb)


75 Minutes / 120 Minutes – £75 / £125

A blissful relaxing meditative treatment where warm organic herbal oil is rhythmically poured over the forehead and 'third eye' (Ajna chakra). This is preceded with either a head, face and neck massage, lasting 75 minutes (£75) or full body massage lasting 120 minutes (£125).


90 Minutes – £75

Traditional relaxing and soothing Ayurvedic massage sequence covering the whole body, using warm organic herbal oil, and lasting 90 minutes (price is £75).

Marma Abhyanga

120 Minutes – £85

Traditional Ayurvedic massage of the whole body using warm organic herbal oils, with stimulation of all Ayurvedic vital energy (Marma) points, gently releasing blocked energy and tension. Lasts 120 minutes (price is £85).


120 Minutes – £90

Traditional gentle but invigorating Ayurvedic body massage to detoxify, exfoliate, boost circulation and reduce excess weight, using Ayurvedic herbs and powders combined with organic herbal oil massage for a luxurious skin boost lasting 120 minutes (price is £90).


75 Minutes – £65 / £70

Ayurvedic 'de-stress' massage focusing on the back, shoulders, face and head, including stimulation of Marma (vital energy) points, using warm organic herbal oils. Lasts 75 minutes (price is £65) or with the additional use of herbs for local udvartana (exfoliation), price is £70.

Kati/Greeva/Janu Vasti

75 Minutes – £75

Traditional Ayurvedic treatment using of a pool of warm organic herbal oil to nourish problem areas (e.g. sciatica, arthritis, injuries) of the lower back (kati), neck (greeva) or knees (janu). Preceded with local Marma massage and followed by gentle sudation, this treatment lasts 75 minutes (price is £75).


60 Minutes – £60

Ayurvedic massage of the feet and lower legs using warm organic herbal oils and including stimulation of Marma (vital energy) points, to release tensions and strain while promoting restful sleep. Lasts 60 minutes (price is £60).


60 Minutes – £60

Ayurvedic massage of the face, neck, head, and shoulders, including stimulation of Marma (vital energy) points, using warm medicated oils, promoting complexion and rejuvenating glow while reducing tension and headaches. Lasts 60 minutes (price is £60).


60 Minutes – £60

Ayurvedic massage focusing on the head and shoulders, with stimulation of the many Marma (vital energy) points located in this region, using warm organic herbal oil, reducing tension, strain and headaches while promoting clarity and enthusiasm. Lasts 60 minutes (price is £60).

Ayurvedic In-Depth Consultation

90-120 Minutes – £70

This uses Ayurvedic diagnostic methods to assess current health status, and serves to address any imbalances or health problems primarily through adaptation of diet and lifestyle, supported with any necessary Ayurvedic herbs/supplements and traditional Ayurvedic treatments. This takes 90-120 minutes (price is £70) and includes initial advice along with a recommended plan of treatment which provides reputable sources of any necessary herbs and products to purchase.

Ayurvedic Follow-up Consultation

45-60 Minutes – £50

Subsequent follow-up consultations to assess progress and give further advice last around 45-60 minutes (price is £50). These sessions can be adapted and extended depending on individual requirements to include aspects such as Yoga postures, breathing exercises (Pranayama), relaxation techniques and relevant Ayurvedic treatments. Priced accordingly.

Pinda Sweda

15 Minutes / 30 Minutes – £25 / £40

Luxurious herb filled cotton bags are warmed and massaged over joints and muscles. This is not available alone but can be added to complete any massage treatment. Lasts 15-30 minutes (£25-£40)